What did I even do today

Mueller report day and I feel like I haven’t done a thing.

I did work on remaking the ISSUU PDFs of the CancerGram zines while listening to the news. Didn’t I do some weeding? And I put the wet greens in the pile. I remember I cooked early. Called mom about noon to talk politics. Sent her a bunch of garden pictures. No dog walk. Talked with Wyatt for awhile and the day slipped away. Finished up the zines, ate dinner, spent some time with old man, watched some hockey and basketball. That’s it.

Below are the spiral supports for the tomato plants. The spiral jetty drip system is hopefully a new wildflower meadow. All the little white blooms are the buckwheat ground cover in the first wildflower meadow. The yellow bloom should turn into a zucchini.