Recent history of the pile

I take a photo of the pile thermometer every morning. It helps me understand what’s happening in there over time. I move the pile every weekend. Literally pitchfork it from one place to the next. That’s when I give it a good watering too. I aerate the pile an addition once or twice a week.

As I have described before, the pile is made exclusively from landscape weeds and cardboard. I cut and chop it all by hand, then soak thoroughly in water before adding to the pile. I add new material every day or two, mixing it in and adding a bit of the local dirt.

I had an amazing week of 150F temps early in the month. I feel like I should have let it cook longer. But I moved it on schedule and haven’t been able to get back there. I’ve been hovering around 100F for a bit and I really don’t know what it is.