Second Opinion

Zine from the CancerGram 12 of 18, outlining events of December, 2016.

It made sense to get a second opinion. The diagnosis was severe and the proposed treatments would be life-changing. Growing up in Ann Arbor, my family trusts the University of Michigan. We decided that if they came up with the same diagnosis from the tests, we would feel much more comfortable.

Mom and I went to the appointment together. It was rough. They said that I’d get the same level of treatment in Memphis or Ann Arbor. The results were clear. The cancer had spread and treating it asap was necessary.

It was the semester break and deep winter. Back in Ann Arbor and seeing a few old friends made it all feel too heavy. That’s when the weeping started. Most likely due to the hormone treatments, I felt as though I floated on an ocean of emotion. The vast reservoir of tears was just behind my eyes at all times.