Thing are really growing

Looking back at the garden update post from early April, the change is pretty amazing. I need to remember how much the growth explodes in these few weeks. The yellow squash and sunflowers stand out as thriving. The Nasturtiums have also done well. The tomato plants really are growing and starting to bear green fruit. No peppers yet, but I do see blooms on the pepper plants. It’s surprising to me a little that the okra and melons haven’t done better, since they are also warm weather adapted. Maybe they will take off as it gets even hotter in June.

I am watering once a week for 4 hours. This might be too long, but I’ve read that fewer, deeper waterings are better.

The wildflower meadow is starting to bloom. The early buckwheat, which I seeded as a ground cover and soil amendment bloomed lots of tiny white flowers a few weeks ago, but is now showing signs of distress from the heat.

The beets really haven’t grown at all. The carrot tops look like carrots, but the roots are inconsequential. A few radishes have grown, but I guess this season isn’t best for the root veggies. I’ll try them again in the fall, maybe more spread out. Possibly I’ll do all the root veggies in the potato trench that I dug but never planted or filled.