cancer yoga


I had this idea when I was getting sick to start a business called Cancer Yoga. It’s basically just a yoga studio that caters to cancer patients. I imagine it as the kind of place I would have gone when I was getting radiated or afterwards. I desperately wanted to find a place where I could develop and expand a gentle, healthful personal practice outside of the context of both religion and the gym.

Discrete, non-judgmental, community-oriented. Classes for chemo, for the radiated, pre-op, post-op and for those in remission. Classes for the young, old, fatigued, weak and fat. Probably lots of restorative yoga, adapted yoga and limited yoga.

I wish I had found a place that would accept insurance or FSAs, with yoga instructors that were enthusiastic about solving the problems that keep cancer patients from engaging in healthful practices before, during and after treatment.