Going vegan meant giving up some of my guilty pleasures. I admit it, I was a cheetos guy. Gross in a way, but something I never gave up until I had to. Finding decent vegan snacks isn’t that hard anymore. Finding great vegan snacks that scratch the itch of your old guilty pleasures is nearly impossible. That’s why I’m so happy about finding Hippeas.

My local Sprouts recently started carrying the white cheddar, sriracha and barbecue flavors. Honestly, they’re all really, really good. The texture is more puffs than crunchy, but they aren’t as airy as most puffs. They feel dense, which for me is good, and feel like a substantial snack. There is some finger dust, which might be good if you want to feel like you’re eating cheetos, but it’s not the gross orange paste on your fingers.

Before I found Hippeas, I was still occasionally picking up a box of Cheezits. Yikes, I know. Now that I have found Hippeas, I haven’t wanted to cheat with any of the cheesy snacks.