Garden Update June 1st

All four boxes are over growing. The yellow squash has been prolific. The zucchini has been good too, but only one of them. The cucumbers and melons haven’t produced yet, but are supposed to be good all summer. The okra was a dud. The beets and carrots haven’t done much either. The peppers have been slow. The tomato’s are thriving but have only given a couple of ripe fruits each so far. The sunflowers are huge.

My irrigation system is nearly 200 gallons per hour of drip emitters. I’ve been watering once a week for 2-4 hours. Looking forward to seeing how things go as it gets hotter.

The shade structure has been effective. Nothing has burned, but it’s not clear that it’s been necessary yet. We haven’t had hot days yet. It’s been a mild May. The sun flowers have grown up and out the back. Does that meat they are doing well or are sun starved?

The wildflower meadow has started to flower with greater density. Maybe the heat is what it needs.

The potato trench is full of ground cover and nitrogen fixer. Planning on Planting it full in the fall.

It’s been three months since I had things set up and growing. My first harvest was May 10. The next three months will be hot. Hopefully the cucumbers and melons will fruit.

I’ve been trying to get it cleaned up. I wish it were more photogenic.