The Expanse

I just finished watching season 3 last night. Totally solid SF. I remember having my mind blown reading the books considering how much the series changes when the true nature of the ring is discovered. Where the end of the third season brings us is truly a new beginning.

My favorite thing about the show is the imagination of a populated solar system: the earth, mars and the belt as distinct human societies with histories, values and even bodily traits. It’s an enjoyable universe to consider that feels within the realm of the possible.

The evolution of the show from the protomolecule, its properties as a weapon and the political drama it causes, to the post-ring solar system is a stunning transformation. The scope and scale of the show increase fantastically.

One of my favorite moments from the books is when the belter kid goes through the ring. I was impressed with out the show handled that moment. Very surprising and satisfying.

My least favorite thing from season 1 was the clunky gravity system. I’m not sure if it’s just better in season 3, but it’s certainly less annoying and even plays into the narrative usefully from time to time.

If you like sci-fi and your’re looking for a satisfying new imagination of the solar system to explore, try The Expanse.