special olympics funding

I found myself offended, as many people have, upon hearing about the Betsy Devos’ plan to cut funding from the Special Olympics.

Special Olympics.jpg

Even with my lack of testosterone and propensity for weeping, I’m not a person who readily feels pity or guilt for disabled children. Why then do I find this move upsetting?

The $18 million cut is so little in the government budget and makes the cut seem petty. But pettiness is a daily routine for Trump and his administration.

DeVos’ defense for the cut was that the Special Olympics is strongly supported by private philanthropy (quoted as at $100 million a year). By cutting the government funding, private philanthropy would have more power and influence. This impetus to consolidate power and influence to wealthy individuals seems to be a pervasive component of modern conservatism. I hate it.

I realized that as a tax paying American I have some small pride in the good things we do as a country to help people. I want my tax dollars to support services that help people in need. I’m offended because relying on the philanthropy of the wealthy cuts average folks out of doing good through government.