Inspiring Political Idea

The most inspiring political idea that I’ve heard recently is the multiracial, multiethnic coalition. As I understand it, this is simply the idea that the basic principles of the USA (i.e. life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness) be applied to all people equally.

Evidently, there has never been a society on earth that treated all people equally.. Every evidence points to core American principles being applied only to white, landowning men, while women, poor and people of color are subjugated.

The first African slaves were brought to North America in 1619 — a year before the Mayflower. There has never been a period of American prosperity, freedom or experience that didn’t involve the subjugation of black and brown skinned people.

It’s time for white supremacy to die. The great American experiment continues — can we extend core American principles equally to all people?

First of all, one thing that I think it always important to say here is that a genuinely multi-ethnic, multi-racial pluralistic egalitarian democracy has never been brought forth on this Earth ever. So the project that is being pursued here, the thing we’re trying to build, literally there’s no model for it.