inguinal hernia

One of the first things I knew about myself and some of my early memories are related to my childhood hernia. I recall having pop-up books that were designed to help make medical experiences less scary for kids. And it worked. I was never afraid or felt traumatized that I can remember.

I only learned recently that inguinal hernias are one of many conditions that babies have that are corrected by simple procedures after birth. Some of these “corrections” are sex assignments, as inguinal hernias can impact the development of the sex organs.

Total number of people whose bodies differ from standard male or female. It turns out that it’s about 1% over all. Was I one of them? Would that explain something about me?

I called my mother if she knew whether I’d had any adjustments done during this surgery, but I was too afraid to ask.

What am I looking for? A justification in the body for liking pink or being a feminist?