I Want to be Immersed in a Vast Futuristic Reality

I’ve been listening to the culture novels and enjoying the depictions of this vast futuristic reality. I want that. At different times in my life I have been fully immersed in the fictional worlds of Asimov and Clarke, Tolkien and Martin, Rowling and Stephenson.

For many years I tried to see every decent sci-fi movie. I’ve often said that I will see anything that takes place in space. It’s not entirely true, but I say it anyway. It’s disappointing how many sci-fi films and shows are B-movie crap.

I didn’t find the reboot BSG tv show until it was a couple of seasons in. I was able to watch the two opening films and the first two seasons essentially back to back over a couple of days. It was so fun. I miss that feeling of encountering a new reality and learning all about it.

The previous 8 years or so I haven’t been able to watch as much TV because of teaching. As I got sick, I found that I didn’t like the format of episodic tv, and preferred to watch live twitch streamers. Now that I am experiencing extreme fatigue, I find that my body is wiped out hours before my mind is. I can barely walk, but I can’t yet sleep. Hello TV. I want a big sci-fi world to sink into.

Particularly seductive at the moment are the culture novels, which have descriptions of technologies that make disability something that can be managed. The possibility of changing, fixing and getting out of a broken body is real in those stories, as is glandular control of ones brain chemistry and mood. It’s a universe of no laws, no money, complete freedom, total health, full of data and fact driven societies with plenty of room for everyone.