It’s been a long time since I enjoyed leveling a character in world of warcraft. Years. Usually the repetition of quests makes me sleepy. On top of that, whenever I consider leveling a character, it starts to feel pointless. There is so much to do at the level cap in terms of reputations, achievements, pets and mounts, I’d rather work on things using my most powerful characters.

In BFA, there are a few new races. They are unlocked by long questlines. One of the new races are the Zandalari Trolls, which have appeared plenty in wow over the years, but never playable. The Zandalari druid forms are brand new. They look cool. I haven’t wanted to play a druid in years, even though my very first max-level character back in 2004 was a druid.

Something about it is working for me. I played a few hours at it last night and with all the XP bonuses, I crushed 10 levels and didn’t hate it at all. The reworked moonkin spells feel powerful. I was one-shotting regular mobs using a special attack. It makes kill quest go by fast.