I became interested in DotA2 back when I lived in Toledo, OH and taught 3D animation at BGSU. My students were interested in 3D animation for games, and in my research I found out about competitive esports. ESPN3 was broadcasting live, ongoing coverage of the DotA2 International 5, at which a 15 year old player (SumaiL) led his team (Evil Geniuses) to dramatic victory. I didn’t understand the game, but I was hooked.

Now there are five major tournaments a year, plus minors and others. I follow the NA teams mostly, but there are players and teams from around the world that I like to follow and watch.

I don’t play the game, I just watch it. I follow it via Twitch, the streaming platform. My favorite streamers are high rank pros without teams. They stream their play and some of their strategy. They play almost every night. BSJ, ccnc, mason, monkeys- and others have become my daily companions. I root or their teams and hope the best for them.

When they say funny things on stream, I like to make twitch graphics for them. This one is for BSJ’s channel, and PMA means Positive Mental Attitude.